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Phone: (808) 754-3251 


Work Hours: By Appointment Only 

Coach Wongo

Coach Wongo, Rob, began powerlifting in 2001, to strengthen his college soccer opportunity. In 2004, upon graduation from John Gupton, Coach Wongo joined the US Army. Coach Wongo, while stationed at Schofield Barracks in Hawaii, began powerlifting seriously, and thus became a passion of his. His free time was occupied with grappling and powerlifting. Coach Wongo’s first competitive powerlifting meet was the Military National Meet in 2007. 


Although his service to our country occupied most of his time, Coach Wongo found solace in the gym and continued to lift for mental stability and overall physical fitness. He began mentoring fellow active-duty colleagues and continues to offer his time and experience to those who are still actively serving our country even though he retired in 2018. 


Upon his retirement of 15 years, Coach Wongo began competing again. Overcoming injuries sustained while serving as an EOD Tech in the US Army, Coach Wongo experienced firsthand a learning curve in the sport of powerlifting. His passion for success continued to grow and unbeknownst to him, began setting an example in the powerlifting community. 


His experience working with people and coaching began to grow, and in 2021, Coach Wongo maintains a waitlist of clients. To this day, he continues to work with a variety of athletes from elite powerlifters to those who have sustained long term injuries and welcomes the everyday challenges that life presents. 


His experience with working around injury recovery and limitations is a passion of his that continues to occupy his free time. With just over 20 years-experience in training and working with lifters from all aspects of the spectrum, Coach Wongo is excited to see how powerlifting will touch the lives of everyone who walks in the facility. 

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