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Unlocking Potential: Empowering Student Athletes Through the Wongo's Barbell Foundation

At Wongo's  Barbell Foundation, our mission is clear: to bridge the gap and empower student athletes to achieve their full potential. We recognize the profound need for support in this journey, and we depend on your generous donations to make it happen.

Trust: Trust is the cornerstone of our operations. We're committed to transparency and accountability in how we use your donations, ensuring that every contribution directly benefits the athletes we serve.

Authenticity: Our culture is rooted in authenticity, staying true to our core values while tirelessly working to help student athletes reach their goals.

Commitment: We're unwavering in our commitment to our donors, coaches, staff, and, most importantly, the athletes. Your trust fuels our dedication.

Passion: Health, fitness, and creating access to these opportunities fuel our passion. We believe in the transformative power of sports and fitness in young lives.

Learning and Development: We're not just about the physical; we prioritize continual learning and development for all members of our foundation. We're shaping the future leaders of our youth.

Fun: We believe that the journey towards better health, fitness, and personal growth should be enjoyable and fulfilling. Let's have fun on this path together!

The Wongo's Barbell Foundation was born from the realization that there was a significant gap in support for student athletes. Many coaches lacked the understanding and resources needed to incorporate effective strength training into their programs. Financial barriers also hindered athletes from realizing their potential. Our foundation addresses these issues head-on.

We welcome student athletes from all backgrounds and sports, seeking those who are driven, competitive, and committed to excelling in both athletics and academics.


Our handpicked coaches work closely with each sponsored student, tailoring training regimens to their unique needs and sports requirements. We also provide a basic strength training program to ensure well-rounded development. Academic excellence is a requirement for all our sponsored athletes.

All student athletes are eligible to apply, and for those under 18, parental or guardian approval is required. Your support enables us to continue empowering the next generation of athletes and leaders. Join us in making a difference today.

"Empower Dreams, Fuel Potential: Donate Now!"

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