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In March 2021, Wongo's Barbell, LLC was born, initially as a place to lift heavy things and build physical strength. However, it quickly became more than just a gym; it became a haven where individuals of all ages and backgrounds found a sense of belonging. Beyond the clinking weights, it was a place where relationships blossomed, shared experiences carried the weight of hard times, and life unfolded in the company of friends. We celebrated birthdays, engaged in late-night conversations about life's milestones, and forged connections that extended far beyond our four walls.

As we evolved, so did our purpose. Welcome to Wongo's Barbell, a dynamic community committed to the pursuit of holistic well-being. What began as a passion project transformed into a thriving non-profit division, the Wongo's Barbell Foundation.


Our overarching mission is clear: to empower student athletes with life-changing opportunities they might not encounter elsewhere.

Our journey encompasses two powerful dimensions

Wongo's Barbell, LLC: While we've embarked on a quest for a new and larger home, our commitment to physical strength, fitness, and community remains unwavering. We are the place where weights are lifted, but more importantly, where hearts are lifted.

Wongo's Barbell Foundation: We've harnessed our passion for well-being to uplift the next generation of champions. Through personalized coaching, top-tier training, invaluable mentorship, and impactful volunteering, we're transforming lives and communities. We're not just building strength; we're building brighter futures.

Join us in this extraordinary journey that began with barbells but has grown to encompass so much more. Wongo's Barbell and the Wongo's Barbell Foundation stand together, united in our pursuit of a healthier and more inclusive tomorrow

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